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Yantai to be built into an eco-city

Yantai will primarily be built into an ecological city during the 11th Five-Year Plan period (2006-10), said Acting Mayor Sun Yongchun.

"To realize this goal and add more charm to the city, the municipal government will channel more funds to accelerate environmental development, form a more strict environmental management system and apply advanced technologies," he told Environment China.

Yantai has formed an embryonic form of an ecological city. Statistics indicate that between 2001 and 2005, more than 97 per cent of its days registered good air quality.

Water quality of key rivers such as Dagujia and Wulong also improved.

"Yantai is expected to be one of the best cities in environmental protection in China," Sun said.

"During the 2001-05 period, the city invested approximately 15 billion yuan (US$1.875 billion) in environmental protection. As a result, more than 1,500 environmental protection projects were carried out."

To enhance the treatment capacity of urban pollutants, Yantai has set up four urban sewage treatment plants and six residential garbage treatment stations to considerably reduce urban garbage.

Yantai has also set up centralized heating supply facilities in its districts and counties. Among them, investment in the downtown heat network exceeded 700 million yuan (US$87.5 million), supplying heat to an additional area of 8 million square metres.

It dismantled more than 200 furnaces that consume coal, reducing more than 300,000 tons of coal consumption every year.

Yantai also set up a treatment centre for hospital wastes, helping to treat waste from more than 70 hospitals.

According to Sun, the city carries out a principle of "increasing output without increasing pollutants" for its industrial enterprises.

It has shut down three straw pulp production lines and set a time limit for the upgrade of 96 cement kiln production lines.

For new foreign investment projects, no polluting projects are given authorization.

"Among the more than 10,000 foreign-invested projects, none of them produce pollution," Sun said.

Yantai actively advocates a recycled economy.

There are more than 100 enterprises in the city that implement clean production and pass the accreditation of the ISO14000 environmental management system. It has set up several recycled economy demonstration zones for the recycled use of resources.

The acting mayor said that in the coming five years, Yantai would implement a batch of pollution prevention and ecological protection projects to fulfil its goal as an ecological city by 2010.

"To meet this goal, the city will accelerate the pace of implementing its plan for building an ecological city, speed up urban environmental infrastructure construction and strengthen rural environmental protection," the official noted.

Yantai will devote more efforts to curb pollution through scientific and technological means.(SD News)
Date:2006-10-10 15:29:54 From:sd news    
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