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Four French among injured, holiday spent in hospital

JINAN: Four French nationals were among those hurt in the train crash that killed at least 70 and injured 240 others early yesterday in Shandong province.

Three of the people were members of a family. The fourth was a friend.

"I am on the way to see my little brother at another hospital," one of the injured, named Joanne Boisson, 22, told the Xinhua News Agency by phone.

Boisson and her father Pascal, 54, were treated at the Zibo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Her 14-year-old brother, Pierre Emmanuel, has a shoulder injury and is at the Zibo No 1 Hospital.

Robin Naurence, a 42-year-old friend of the family is at another hospital in Zichuan district, Zibo City, the woman said.

"I was hurt in the back, but not very seriously. I don`t feel well," she said.

"My father was badly hurt. I`m worried about my brother and Robin," she said.

Zhang Jun, director of the hospital`s orthopedics department, confirmed Boisson had hurt her back but said she was able to walk unaided.

Her father suffered multiple rib fractures and a bruised leg.

"He may have another fracture in the chest, but we won`t know for sure until we give him another MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan," Zhang said.

"He may need some time to recover, and he must stay in bed for the time being."

Boisson, a student at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said her family were on a 10-day visit to China from France so they could spend a holiday together.

She is able to speak Mandarin and has been communicating with medical staff on behalf of her father.

Liang Minglai, president of Zibo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said he visited the father and daughter this morning and arranged a car to take her to visit her brother and family friend Naurence.

The hospital has admitted 21 patients, at least three of whom were in a serious condition, Liang said.

Date:2008-4-29 7:27:00     
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