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Algae at Olympics sailing venue continues to shrink

QINGDAO  -- The algae outbreak off the coast of this Olympic co-host city continued to shrink on Thursday as the density of the green weed shrank to 0.5 percent from 32 percent when it appeared off the coast in early June.

As of early Thursday morning, the coverage of algae in the 49.48-square-kilometer Olympic sailing venue was reduced to 0.269 square kilometers, according to the North China Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration.

Only 12 days ago, on June 28, 15.86 sq km of the guarded sea area was covered by algae.

Troops, fishermen and volunteers continue to clean up the seawater. By Wednesday, more than 620,000 tonnes of algae had been removed.

The Qingdao city government has vowed to clear up the venue before July 15.

On Wednesday, 81 boats from 26 countries practised sailing in the guarded sea area. There are 399 athletes from 34 nations training in the port city of east China`s Shandong Province.

Date:2008-7-10 21:06:00     
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