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New vim given to security

Multi-sensor chemical and radiation detectors will be installed at the entrance and inside every Olympic venue, and troops equipped for chemical attacks will be stationed around, security officers said yesterday.

All visitors would undergo checks to prevent terrorist attacks, Cao Dongxiang, a senior officer from the Beijing public security bureau in charge of Olympic venue security, said in a group interview.

He said security staff at the venues would include paramilitary police, civil police, security guards and volunteers.

In the case of a serious emergency, such as a nuclear or chemical attack, People`s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers would join the response, director of the PLA Command Team for Olympic Security Work Tian Yixiang was quoted as saying by Xinhua News Agency yesterday.

Tian said the PLA`s nuclear, biological and chemical event response team would be stationed around key Olympic venues to offer timely help.

Helicopters, combat aircraft, ships and surface-to-air missiles will be used to ensure a safe Games, Tian was quoted as saying. Ground, navy and air forces will participate, with most personnel coming from the Shenyang, Beijing, Nanjing and Jinan military commands, he said.

A no-fly zone will be established above certain parts of Beijing and co-host cities. Unauthorized aircraft would receive warnings and risk attacks if they fly in the zone during that time, Tian said.

He added the navy would deploy forces, including frogmen, to conduct security checks both above and below the surface of the ocean prior to the sailing competition in Qingdao, east China`s Shandong province.

Terrorist attacks have been regarded as the top threat to the Olympics. The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in April reported several failed plots by terrorist and separatist groups to disrupt the Games.

They included an attempt to bring down an airliner, stage poison gas attacks and bombings at hotels and government offices, and kidnap foreign athletes and spectators.

With the Games approaching, MPS yesterday banned the transportation of dangerous items, such as guns, explosives, and radioactive and poisonous substances, to or via Olympic cities.

Date:2008-7-11 9:22:43     
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