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One dead, 3 missing after a fishing boat capsizes

WEIHAI, Shandong  -- A fishing boat capsized early Wednesday at sea area off Weihai City, in east China`s Shandong Province, leaving one person dead and three others missing.

The boat, registered in northeastern Liaoning Province, sank after colliding with another vessel about 37 kilometers east of Rongcheng Bay.  All the seven people on the boat fell into the water.

Rescuers dispatched by Beihai Rescue Bureau and Weihai Maritime bureau have recovered a body. Rescue efforts for those missing are still under way. The maritime search and rescue center in Weihai said three people from the boat were rescued by a ship. One of them had severe chest injuries. They are now receiving treatment in hospital.

Date:2008-7-16 23:48:00     
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