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Hu inspects Games sailing venue in Qingdao

QINGDAO: President Hu Jintao visited the port city of Qingdao Sunday to inspect preparatory work for the 2008 Olympic Games` sailing event.

President Hu Jintao talks with a coach when he visits the Olympic Sailing Center in Qingdao, east China`s Shandong province July 20, 2008. [Xinhua]

He praised the organizers for having cleared green algae that had invaded the venue.

At the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, Hu visited an exhibition on the event`s preparatory work, and listened to reports on venue construction, organization, logistics and environmental protection.

Later, he visited a training center and talked with foreign athletes preparing for the Games there.

Two local companies, including home appliance firm, Haier Group, and a candle-maker, were also on his itinerary.

Date:2008-7-21 7:01:00     
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