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Bocog scene

They`re playing our tune

The national and Olympic anthems for the Games` welcoming and victory ceremonies were handed over to BOCOG on Wednesday, marking the start of the period whereby these songs can be officially played at Olympic venues.

A total of 212 songs were recorded and produced for the Games, which include the national and Olympic anthems of the 207 member states and regions, a long version and a short version of the Olympic anthem, Paralympic anthem, and two welcoming songs each for Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

Each recorded song is no longer than 90 seconds for the convenience of holding Olympic Games-related ceremonies. The recording of these anthems was completed by the Beijing Symphony Orchestra over a two-year span.

Hospitals open doors

Extra large sickbeds, bilingual signs, classified drugs and detailed emergency response plans have been prepared by the 24 hospitals designated to serve the Games.

Jin Dapeng, chief of BOCOG`s medical support group, said all the hospitals have attained Olympic standards in terms of organization, working procedures, bilingual signs, "green passages", barrier-free facilities, and stimulant management.

Shelter from a storm

The Olympic Forest Park will serve as an emergency shelter for spectators and athletes at the Beijing Olympic Games, should a natural disaster or terrorist attack occur.

The 680-hectare park provides a large expanse for people to take shelter from disasters and has an efficient communication system, according to the official with BOCOG. The organizer has prepared 300 sleeping bags and 50 huge tents.

Underwater robots ready

Qingdao is using underwater robots to ensure safety during the Olympic sailing competitions, event organizers have said.

"The naval forces have launched monitoring systems, including underwater video cameras, robots and divers in the open ports, to watch for potential threats," said Qingdao vice-mayor Zang Aimin, who is also vice-chairperson of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Committee.

The Olympic sailing events run from Aug 9 to 23 in Qingdao, a coastal city in east China`s Shandong province. Some 400 athletes from 65 countries and regions will compete for 11 gold medals. Zang said the city had invested 3.28 billion yuan ($481 million) to build the Olympic sailing venues.

Date:2008-7-25 9:52:00     
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