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Police charged with mini van theft

Zhang Hongyuan, a businesswoman in Jining, Shandong province, has accused police of stealing and looting her minivan 10 days after it was lost more than one year ago.

Zhang accidentally found her vehicle - minus its license plate, driver`s seat and steering wheel - in an auto maintenance shop. It had been there for a month after police had fished it out of a river, ten days after its theft.

Zhang insists that the police intended to put the minivan to their own use after it had been repaired. She pointed out that she informed the police immediately after her car was stolen, and that it would have been simple for them to notify her when the minivan was found, but they did not.

The situation is yet to be resolved, as the police refuse to repair the minivan before returning it to Zhang. An official at the substation claimed that he had not been informed that Zhang called the police prior to finding her minivan in the repair shop.

Date:2008-7-9 7:23:00     
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