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Bus station grifters caught cold with conned cash

A migrant worker surnamed Du from Tai`an, Shandong province, came close to losing his luggage and more than 11,000 yuan in his and his fellow workers` wages last Tuesday to two con men at a bus station in Jinan, capital of the province.

One of the men picked up a paper bag from the ground as he approached Du and opened it to reveal a wad of cash. After asking Du, if it belonged to him, and honest Du`s telling him it did not, the man offered to share it.

The other half of the act then arrived, asking the pair whether they had seen his lost money.

Upon accepting the bag of cash, the second man said someone had taken a large portion of the banknotes from the roll, and made a show of searching his partner and Du.

The grifters then absconded with Du`s bag of cash, but were apprehended by patrolling police who had observed the incident.

Date:2008-9-2 7:40:00     
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