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Qingdao to accelerate low-carbon-model economy

Qingdao: A series of measures have been adopted to promote the development of a low-carbon-model economy in Qingdao, which will change aspects of social production, construction and lifestyle, according to the local Development and Reform Commission.

Local key industrial enterprises were encouraged to focus on technological reform in energy-saving and research and development of emission reduction systems, aided by special funds totaling 127 million yuan for the recycling economy. The funds were issued by authorities in the past two years.

Local authorities have spared no effort in upgrading industrial structures, shutting down a draft for high-energy-consuming and high-polluting enterprises, including several heat-engine plants with 395,000 kW capacities, through administrative, legal and economic means.

Renewable energy sources, such as wind power, solar energy and ocean energy, are being exploited on a larger scale with the intention of altering the traditional reliance on fossil fuels, leading to the wind power boom with a capacity of up to 60 million kW hours.

This unprecedented wave has also spread to the construction sector with the first ecological building—“God-Man Mansion”—constructed through using 13 different ecological techniques, helping solve energy consumption and carbon emission problems.

While the local government and firms were reducing the existing buildings’ energy consumption and accelerating the application of new types of wall materials, the coastal city had established 5,580 sq m of energy-saving building proportions by the end of the third quarter this year, accounting for 99.8 percent of the total of newly-built civil building areas.

Editor Li Jing

By Wang Xiantao (China Daily Shandong Bureau)

Date:2009-12-4 10:45:00     
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