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Qinagdao raises algae bloom alert to level 3

Qingdao mayor ordered emergency headquarters to assume a combat-ready stance after algae bloom alert was raised to level 3.on June 12.

According to the latest report from the North China Sea branch of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) a large concentration of algae is moving northwards from the central and south regions of the Yellow Sea.

The 58 sq km algae gathering is currently about 123 km off the Dagong Island and an increase in both expansion and density have been reported.

Xia Geng, mayor of Qingdao, ordered the emergency headhunters to monitor the algae bloom, removing the seaweed when in large gatherings around the Dagong Island.

The emergency headquarters held three meetings to plan how to tackle the green algae in the area.

"We should eliminate the green algae for the city`s image and the security of production and live hoods of people," said Yan Qijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong CPC (Communist Party of China) Committee and Party secretary of Qingdao.

Based on the satellite observation and forecast of the wind direction in June, the algae is expected to flow northwards and approach Qingdao sea area soon.

Date:2009-6-17 16:43:00     
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