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195 Qingdao players to compete in National Games

Qingdao: Along with the establishment of the Shandong Provincial Sports Delegation (SPSD) for the 11th National Games, which will be held this October, 195 players from Qingdao have been authorized to compete in 26 major events of the games, hitting a historical record.

Zhou Peng, director of the Qingdao Municipal Administration of Sports, said of the announcement, “We will spare no efforts to support and serve the players, striving to gain the best score.”

One hundred and sixty four athletes are expected to take part in 25 competitions during the games representing the SPSD, including swimming, archery, track and field, badminton, basketball, boxing, kayaking and cycling, according to Zhou. Twenty-eight players will compete in 11 of the events such as wrestling, volleyball, judo and sailing on behalf of the delegations of the People’s Liberation Army, and another three players will compete in the Games on behalf of other industries. The scores they achieve will be registered into the total score of the SPSD.

The Qingdao players have already accounted for one gold, one silver and two bronze medals in the ice events, tennis team competitions and men’s football games, all of which were held before the opening ceremony of the pageant, Zhou said.

Editor Li Jing

By Wang Xiantao (China Daily Shandong Bureau)

Date:2009-8-31 14:53:41     
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