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Vintage year looms for third Yantai wine festival
Vintage year looms for third Yantai wine festival

YANTAI: The Third Yantai International Wine Festival will be held in Yantai, in the northeastern Shandong province, on September 23.

At the time of going to press, there are already more than 100 exhibitors lined up for the event, with more than 310 booths already confirmed - including 90 from overseas companies. It is expected that 2,000 business delegates from outside China will participate in the event.

The exhibitors and organizations attending the festival have been largely drawn from the world`s top 10 wine producing countries and China`s top 10 wine producing regions.

At present, there are more than 100 wine-related enterprises from China and all around the world signed up to participate, including delegates from France, Germany, Australia and Chile.

Those attending include the French Champagne Association, the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation and the Spanish Wine Market Research Association.

A number of overseas embassies in China have also confirmed they will be sending a delegation to the event. Representatives from France, Australia, Chile, South Africa, and Moldova will be in attendance, as will government delegations from the Loire region of France and Langen City in Germany.

A number of China`s leading wine producers - including Changyu, Great Wall, Baiyanghe and 100 other associated businesses have also confirmed their participation. Tianjin, Yinchuan, Foshan, and Tonghua are also expected to send representatives.

This festival will focus on highlighting the strengths of the national and international wine industry, as well seeking to build its reputation among Chinese and foreign consumers.

The exhibition will be divided into several different sections - including imported wine, domestic wine, brewing processes, brewing and storage craft, brewing machinery and equipment, packaging and processing technology and equipment, wine labeling and wine containers, grape seeds, cultivation techniques, and means of production.

In addition, there will be a number of workshops and panel discussions held during the course of the event.

Highlights are said to include the International Wine Industry Development Forum and the Leading Wine Enterprises Summit. These will focus on issues such as "The Wine Industry and Sustainable Development and "Economic Globalization and the International Wine Trade".

More than 20 different kinds of event are promised during the course of the festival, including cultural, economic and trade talks, wine tastings and wine cultural tours.

The fair has been co-sponsored by the International Vine and Wine Organization, the China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association and the People`s Government of Shandong.

Date:2009-9-10 8:49:00     
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