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Venues in Yantai
Venues in Yantai
Yantai Functional Gymnasium

Venues in Yantai
Yangma Island Race Course


Venues in Yantai
Yantai Diving Venue
Venues in Yantai
Yantai Natatorium

The Yantai Sport Park is divided into two parts, with an area of 120.48 hectares.

The west part is comprised of 40,000 stadiums, 400-meter ground track field, over 5000 Gymnasiums, 2000 natatorium, the tennis venue and the kart training field.

The east part is leisure and entertainment area, including the shooting range, archery hall, water world, golf driving range, sea sports center, senior villas and others.

During the 11th National Games, it will stage the military pentathlon (October 23-27) and the Women’s basketball group games (October 10-14).


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