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New scope for Shandong coastal resort
New scope for Shandong coastal resort

Weihai: Located on the easternmost tip of the Shandong peninsula boasting sunshine, seawater, sandy beaches, fresh air and green plants, the famed Rongcheng Coastal Resort has a humid climate and beautiful landscape, with 10 harbors and natural bathing beaches as well as more than 70 isles.

Six scenic spots—Cape Chengshantou, Chishan Fahua Temple, Holy Water Temple, the nine-peak Tiecha Mountain, Swan Lake, and Colorful Spotted Cobblestones—have been set up in the resort. Support facilities including 10 star hotels, nine travel services and three international shipping routes to South Korea are also located in the area.

Yu Zhiping, deputy mayor of Rongcheng, said: “In line with the transformation initiative of tourism from pure sightseeing to the leisure travel sector, the city has established ‘marine health preserving’ as the development theme since 2009, adopting the strategy of ‘one core with both wings’ to create an international famed destination.”

Commenting on the scope of the strategy, Yu said: “Centering on the new industrial orientation, the city will have formed a netted tourist structure that links the flood and field.”

The “one core” plan would develop the downtown area into the largest tourist distribution center and the high-end recreational area of the resort. According to Yu, focusing on the advanced consumers and based on the ecological scene of Sanggou Bay and Green Island, the core is dedicated to protecting the state-level wetland park and operating travel facilities like Wenbo Center, Sports Center and Coastal Park. Various sectors involving large-scale businesses, top hotels, performing arts plazas and health food industries would also receive a boost, said Yu.

Work has already begun on two wings—the northern and southern areas—in order to perfect the strategic plan. In the northern area, backing the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Natural Protection Zone and the Swan Lake Scenic Zone, the local government plan to construct the Xixiakou International Coastal Resort.. The southern area will feature several scenic spots like Chishan, Tiecha Mountain and Chaoyang Mountain. A unique Holiday Zone will also be constructed, with a marine and fishing culture theme, including the Wentao Vacation Village, Eco-Fishing-Village, Healthcare Fishing Bar and Leisure Villa.

The initiative has brought benefits to the locals, acccording to statistics from the Rongcheng Travel Bureau. The city received 3.22 million visitors and earned 2.56 billion yuan by the first half of 2009, year-on-year increases of 15.4 percent and 17.3 percent respectively. The coastal area is estimated to hold more than 8 million guests with annual revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan by 2012.

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