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School bored of NYT Google hacking reports

JINAN: A Chinese vocational school said Monday it has got bored with the repeated reports carried by the New York Times insisting that it was a source of the Google cyber attacks.

"The reports are too boring, simply unfounded and politically orientated," Li Zixiang, Party chief of the privately-run Lanxiang Vocational School (Lanxiang) in east China`s Shandong province, told Xinhua.

"We really do not want to read such reports again. If the reporter still has doubts, I invite him to come to our school to talk with us personally," he said.

The New York Times has filed two reports recently claiming the cyber attacks on Google and other American firms last year have been traced to Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and Lanxiang.

Google said last month that it might pull out of the Chinese market, citing its services had been hacked by sources originating in China and that it disagreed with some Chinese government policies.

In the latest report, the New York Times insisted that Lanxiang had ties with the Chinese military as it was founded on land donated by the army and had sent graduates to join the army.

"We had indeed used abandoned barracks for teaching venues when our school was founded in 1984, but the barracks were not a `donation` because we must pay rent regularly for it," Li said.

"We have already moved out of the old barracks and built our own new teaching buildings," he said.

Currently, Lanxiang has more than 20,000 students learning vocational skills such as cooking, auto repair and hairdressing.

"Like any other country, our school graduates can join the army if they wish to. But you cannot say a school has a military background just because some of its graduates are servicemen," Li said.

Date:2010-2-23 9:39:00     
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