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Qingdao promotes urbanization

The government report, Opinions on Promoting Urbanization in Qingdao, is under continuous discussion in Qingdao. The Opinions recommend ways of promoting Qingdao’s urbanization, agricultural and countryside’s modernization.

To facilitate its urbanization process, Qingdao will strengthen its efforts on developing a new district center around the western shore of Jiaozhou Bay, since there is little land available at the eastern shore of the bay for further construction.

Since 2001, the urbanization rate has seen an annual increase of 1.1 percent, reaching 65.7 percent in the year of 2009.

Qingdao aims for its urbanization rate to reach 74 percent in 2015.

To reach this aim, Qingdao will further promote the development of its seven urban districts by improving its administrative management system, infrastructure system and social security system.

To narrow the economic gap between urban areas and the countryside, Qingdao will also focus on developing its five satellite cities by promoting six sectors, including industrial development, infrastructure and ecological development.

Artery roads and highways in rural areas will also be upgraded. Public infrastructure including telecommunication, irrigation works and environmental protection systems will also be enhanced to expand the rural areas’ economic capacity.

The following five years will see Qingdao earmark 200 million yuan each year on forestation drives. At least 130,000 mu forests will be built every year. This is also part of the preparations for the 2014 World Gardening and Horticulture Expo, which is scheduled to be held in Qingdao.

By Zhao Ruixue (China Daily Shandong Bureau)

Editor: Li Jing

Date:2010-3-15 14:48:04     
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