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Mass recruitment drive takes flight

Wuhan - Thousands of young women are competing to become air hostesses for the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games, either to fulfill their dream of seeing a bit of the world or simply to satisfy the practical reality of securing employment.

The Games` sponsor, China Southern Airlines (CSA), launched the campaign to hire 1,000 flight attendants on Saturday in Central China`s Hubei province and East China`s Shandong province.

In addition to Wuhan, capital of Hubei, and Jinan, capital of Shandong, the campaign will be held in eight other cities, including Taipei in Taiwan.

"This is my dream job," said Qiao Jing, 21, who majored in flight attendance at the Civil Aviation University of China. She told China Daily that she has the ability and the confidence to be a good air hostess.

"I failed on Saturday, but I came back to this stage again," said Qiao, who took part in a similar recruitment drive last year. Although she did not pass the first round on Saturday, she applied for a new registration on Sunday and vowed to "continue the competition in other host cities" if she fails in Wuhan.

"The most important reason for the girls to gather here is the high pressure in the job market," said Wang Wen, a member of the airline`s marketing staff.

According to the company, the candidates are primarily students, who are seeking to secure jobs upon graduation.

"The applicants will be selected after six rounds of competition, including the mass selection, written test, selection interview, health check-up, TV reality competition and the annual final," said Sun Jianhua, the general manager of CSA`s Hubei branch.

According to Sun, human resources personnel, training experts and some VIP passengers presided as judges over the weekend to select the best candidates according to professional qualifications and passengers` sentiment.

Hu Chongqing, 34, a platinum VIP member of the company, said that while he looks for two traits in candidates, "a neat appearance and interpersonal affinity", he would not choose an attractive woman who did not smile and exhibit a modest attitude.

"We passengers only care about good service," revealed Li Jindong, another judge in the competition.

A total of 442 contestants passed the first stage of the audition over two days in Wuhan. In Jinan, 195 contestants qualified to take a written test today.

It is expected to take four months to complete the recruitment process. Those who are eventually selected will be expected to provide top service to CSA passengers traveling to and from the Guangzhou Asian Games, due to be held in November.

Date:2010-3-29 7:51:00     
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