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Qingdao ushers in first peak-travel period

By April 5, Qingdao of Shandong Province had received 434,600 tourists, a higher number than last year. In particular, six scenic spots were hot choices for tourists: Laoshan Mountain, the two aquariums, Zhongshan Park, Seaside Scenic Spot and the Navy Museum.

A prelude for the coming May Day Holiday

During the Tomb Sweeping Holiday, 22,600 tourists visited Laoshan Mountain. And according to statistics by the Qingdao Seaside Scenic Spot Office, 329,000 people went sightseeing at major seaside scenic spots. The Navy Museum received 5000 visitors.

Expert on tourism predict that the three-day holiday from April 3 to 5 is just a prelude for the coming May Day holiday, which is also the first peak-travel period after Spring Festival.

Eye-catching marine animals

Qingdao Underwater World received 20,000 visits in total during the holiday, an increase of 13% over the same period last year.

Underwater World started an event with the theme, “Seeing a new world from the view of fish,” which attracted “schools” of parents and children.

Located in the eastern part of Qingdao, the Qingdao Jidi Aquarium launched events like “belugas drawing pictures,” also fascinating many visitors. The aquarium received 18,000 visits, 24% more than last year.

In addition, a suburban excursion in Qingdao is popular too. The Qingdao Forest Zoo welcomed over 10,000 tourists, most of whom were self-driving travelers. Citizens also went to hot springs in Jimo.

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Editor: Li Jing

Date:2010-4-6 15:16:34     
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