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Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Founded in 1991, Jinan High-tech Industrial Development zone is one of the first state-level new & high-tech zones approved by the State Council, which is the window opening to the world and the important high-tech industry base. It is located in the east of the city with a total planning area of 83 square kilometers, of which the central area is 33 square kilometers, the export processing district 10 square kilometers and the eastern new area 40 square kilometers. It has exquisite environment, convenient transportation and `complete infrastructure with the main transportation branches of Jinan (Jingshi Road, South Industry Road and Century Road) going across, west to Jinan Olympics Center and government affairs center of Shandong Province, east to the source of the Long Hill culture , south to green mountains, north to Jinnan-Qingdao expressway and Jinan International Airport which takes only 15 minutes. In the area the infrastructure is perfect. The modernized experimental school, the kindergarten and the housing plot have been constructed. The administrative examination and approval service center have been established. The supporting system such as the investment, the finance, the talent exchange, the insurance, law and notarization has been set up. Thus the standardized "one-stop" work style has been implemented.

Presently, Jinan High-tech Industrial Development zone is implementing the strategy of “promoting, developing “to advance the development. The construction for the three major districts has been comprehensively launched: The central area will be promoted to a modernized eastern new town concentrating on the construction of the economic base, the R & D area and the central business area; the eastern new area will be built into the new industry gathering area on a large scale; the export processing district into export-oriented industry gathering area. The high-tech development zone has already entered a new challenging period.

High-tech Industrial Development zone has established Qilu software park, business incubator center, pioneer park for overseas Chinese scholars and export and processing district . At present in the high-tech development zone there are more than 3,000 enterprises, including more than 200 high-tech enterprises of which there are 41 enterprises with over RMB 100 million for output value, 14 enterprises with RMB 500 million and 7 enterprises with RMB 1 billion. Also such enterprises have successively developed as Langchao Group, Linuo Group and Little Duck Sweet Co., Ltd. There are more than 60,000 people engaged in the high-tech industry including more than 1,500 masters and doctors, undertaking more than 100 items of the national torch program and more than 300 items of the provincial torch program. In 2004, the enterprises of large scale received RMB 9.8 billion from the product sale in one year; realized industrial value-added: RMB 3.1 billion, industry output value of high technology: RMB 8.3 billion, up to total income of technology, industry and trade: RMB 51 billion and industrial value-added: RMB 12.43 billion according to the statistics of Science and Technology Ministry. Its economic indicator ranks No.13 of 53 national high-tech development zones.

Since founded, Jinan High-tech Industrial Development zone has attracted such Top 500 enterprises as LG, Panasonic, Suzuki, NEC, Texas Instruments, Pepsi Cola, American-Standard, Volvo and Sanyo. In 2001it joined the world science and technology association and set up China-Ukraine High-tech Cooperation Park . Qilu Software Park became the sister park of Bangalore park of India . 

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