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Geographical advantages

Situated in the east part of the capital city of Shandong province Jinan, the Jinan High-tech Development Zone enjoys a advantageous geographical location. The total construction area planned is 15.9 km2. In the east is the Jinan international airport which is within 15 km''''''''''''''''s drive; in the north is the Jinan-Qingdao super highway which is only 4 km away; in the south is the beautiful scenery spots of Jiangshuiquan and Longdong; in the west is the prosperous downtown areas. With the east Waihuan Road as the borderline, the High-tech Development Zone is divided into the completed area and the newly built area. In the completed area are the universities, research institutes and the large and medium sized enterprises, and the newly built area consists of a technological city of 1.76 km2 and the east sector of 7.5 km2.

Jinan High-tech Development Zone is the largest talents-intensive and technology-intensive area whose geographical advantages are obvious. In the High-tech Development Zone are 11 colleges and universities among which are the Shandong University and the Shandong Normal College, 53 research institutes including Shandong Agricultural Academy of Science, and over 10 thousand high-class professional experts. It has 25 provincial level pivot laboratories, 30 doctor stations of high R&D ability. There are more than 60 large sized and medium sized pivot enterprises in the zone, including Xiaya Group, Langchao Group, Qingqi Group, CVIC SE, Qilu Pharmaceutical Factory etc. which create the best condition for the quick application of the technological products in the High-tech Development Zone.

To speed up the construction of the High-tech Development Zone, the High-tech Development Zone Adminstrative Committee programed the construction of the QiluSoft Park, the Business Establishment Service Center, the University Science and Technology Park, the Export processing zone, the New Construction Material Park, the Technological Trade City and the Xiaoya Industrial Park etc..

In compliance with the general development strategy of "extending the two wings with the hi-tech as the leading industry" by the Jinan municipal government, the Jinan High-tech Development Zone brings into play its advantages as a powerful research base and high ability of innovation. Sticking to the principles of high standards, heavy investment, high speed and high efficiency, it enforced the construction of infrastructure and the supporting service facilities, optimized the innovation environment and improved the innovation ability. It dedicates itself to the build-up of technological enterprises and the development of the hi-tech products with a goal of building the High-tech Development Zone into an innovational talents intensive base, radiating base for the restructuring and improvement of the traditional industries, hi-tech products incubator and industrialization base and export processing base.

In the coming century, a new beautiful modern city area will emerge in the east of Jinan city.

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