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Culture Of Jinan


  Jinan is an essential birthplace of the civilization in China.Shun,a chieftain of the pristine tribe was born in and lived around the Jinan area.Chengziya in eastern Jinan is the place where the Longshan Civilization(4600-4000 years of the late Neolithic Age) was found with the basalt as its symbol. At this site, about 200 thousand square meters of China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s oldest city relics was discovered.Jinan has a history of more than 4000 years with many historic sites such as the relics of the Shun Civilization;the Qi Great Wall(built in the third century B.C) which is even older than the Qin Great Wall;China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s oldest ground structure---the stone ancestral temple of Xiaotangshan Guoshi tomb of the Han Dynasty (built in the 7th century);the colorful scuptures at Lingyan Temple of the Song Dynasty(built in the 11th century) which is praised as the "Best Sculptures of China".
  Jinan is also the home to many celbrities such as Bianque,founder of the Chinese traditional medicine science;Fang Xuanling and Qingqiong,men of great merit in founding the Tang Dynasty;well-known litterateurs such as Li Qingzhao,Xin Qiji,Zhang Yanghao,Li Kaixian;Zhou Yongnian,initator of the public library in China;architect Wei Xiang and so on .In addition,outstangding scholars such as Li Bai,Du Fu,Su Shi,Zeng Gong also journeyed Jinan in the past.As a result,the recognition of "there are many celebrities in Jinan" came into being.
  When the Shire and County System was established by the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Jinan belonged to the Jibei Shire.At the beginning of the Han Dynasty,Jinan Shire was founded,Consequently,Jinan got its name.Since the Ming and the Qing Dynasies,Jinan has been the capital of Shandong Porvince.The city of the Jinan was set up in July,1929.

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