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Taking shape in the 1950s, Lü Opera is the most representative one among local operas in Shandong. In different historic stages, Jinan Lü Opera Troupe has explored, sorted out, revised, and created lots of traditional and modern programs which have been performed in dozens provinces and cities.
Fold Musical show
The stories telling of Wang Xiaoyu and her sisiter in Minghu Hall was recorded in the book of Lao Can Travels by Liu E in the Qing Dynasty. There were lots of performers and different operas appeared one after another, following Wang Xiaoyu and her sister. Adapting to the needs of time, Jinan Troupe of Ballad Singers constantly brings forth new ideas in the arts, and has consisted of many forms of arts, such as Story-telling in Shandong Dialect, Shandong Story-telling in song with music accoopaninent, Henan clapper, Story-telling in Xihe dialect, Danxian (story-telling to musical accompaniment) and comic cross talks.
The exciting performance of acrobatics is popular in every country. Jinan Circus has gotten high reputation at home and abroad, and won many rewards in the domestic and international acrobatics matches at high level which it attended for many times. Among the programs in total, the program of “treading chairs upward” won gold medal in 11th World Acrobatics Competition in Britain, and in 10th Future World Acrobatics Festival in France. The program of dual trembling boards has won silver medal in 10th International Circus Festival in Monaco.The exciting programs of the acrobatic troupe with the elegant stage property and new art form, not only show the traditional quintessence in acrobatic, but also brim with the strong modern style. In recent years, Jinan Acrobatic Troupe has represented our country to visit and perform in over 30 countries and regions, such as Japan, United States, Russia, Romania, France and UK and been praised by the audience.
Guzi Yangge
Guzi Yangge originated in Shanghe county of Jinan, and has over   1,000 years of history.  It is one of the folk art forms, which is performed for the harvest with dancing and singing.  The most exciting period of Yangge performance is right in the Lantern Festival.  It is very lively that a lot of people play Yangge in different roles with the deafening sound of gongs and drums.
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