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Jinan Physical Geography


  Jinan is seated at northern latitude 36° 40′, east longitude 117°. It is adjacent to Mount Tai in the south while spans Yellow River in the north. For at the joint of hills of central-south Shandong and alluvial plain of northwest Shandong, its southern topography is higher than its north. Yellow river and Xiaoqing River as its two major water systems run through it; Daming Lake and Baiyun Lake stay there, together with other lakes.

  In warm temperate and territoriality monsoon climatic zone, Jinan is characterized for its clearly-divided seasons and sufficient sunlight. Its annual mean temperature is 13.6℃, with January as the coldest month, -1.9℃ on average, July as the hottest month, 27℃ on average. Its annual mean precipitation is 614mm.



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