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Jinan:Guide for Tourists

Jinan is endowed with numerous time-honored, aesthetically valuable scenic spots. Baotu Spring is renowned as the "1st spring in the world"; Daming Lake has been the gathering place of celebrities throughout history; Qianfo Mountain, located in the south, is a natural screen to the city proper; Longshan Culture has drawn the world''''s attention as one of the three old Chinese cultures. The 40 colorful Song Dynasty clay arhat sculptures at Lingyan Temple are master pieces of clay sculpture; The 4-door Pagoda, the oldest existing single-floor stone pagoda in China, boasts of supreme artistic and aesthetic value; The tombstone hall of the Guo Family in the Xiaotang Mountain is the earliest existing above-ground room building in China. The works and many important documents are in exhibition in the memorial halls of the Jinan celebrities, such as Li Qingzhao, Xin Qiji and Li Kuchan.
Strolling through the city, the spring water, parks, former residences of celebrities and the sites of historic events will all leave you a lingering
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